"It's all about improving the customer experience." David Scrivano, President and CEO, Little Caesars
Female foodservice customer holding a to-go coffee cup

Now more than ever, less is more

Your foodservice guests are nervous about face-to-face order handoffs these days. So delight them with the 21st century alternative – contactless, self-serve order pickup for takeout and delivery drivers. There’s less risk for them, less work for your team, and more of what everyone really wants – fast, no-lines service that gets them in and out quickly.

Minimizes touches and handling
Streamlines workflows
Reduces congestion and lines

Takeout the Line
Santikos theater with Apex Order Pickup Solutions


3 to 1 Labor Reduction
Read how Santikos gives movie-goers a seamless pickup experience while it streamlines concessions workflows.

Give them peace of mind
in “the new normal”

Contactless carryout and delivery pickup are a must-have to help replace lost dine-in revenue. Watch how you can give customers and delivery drivers reassurance while you increase efficiency and throughput.

Your Data in Focus
24/7: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Apex Cloud

A great experience is in
the details

Get real-time information to improve every touchpoint with Apex Cloud™. It shows “right-now” order details, compartment utilization, dwell times and more. That keeps managers in the know so they can make your customer experience seamless.


Look back to understand
long-term trends

With a Lenz™ subscription, you can see weeks, months or years of your Apex Cloud data in simple, clear dashboards. Quickly check the big picture or dive into details – it’s your choice. You’ll find patterns and trends that can reduce waste and inefficiency – and keep customers coming back for more.